Discovering Your Personal Tool Kit

Kevin’s “What’s In Your Tool Kit” is a highly authentic, interactive, inspiring and powerfully compelling experience illuminates the concept of actively learning from your own “life Story” experiences ...Continue Reading

Customer Incentives: Tired Tactics or Strategic Tools

With the economic downturn in 2008, the customer base of most businesses in the US has dramatically changed, perhaps forever. Your customers are now more focused on how they spend ...Continue Reading

2012 – The Year Mobile Changed the World

When is it time to take mobile seriously?  That was last year! It’s 2012 and mobile has already officially arrived.  The impact is being felt across all areas of business, online and ...Continue Reading

A Miranda Warning from the Creative Muse

Today’s LA2M will be a swift kick in the back side for the creative class. We’ll look at case studies of successful creative entrepreneurs. We’ll share life hacks ...Continue Reading

Managing and Promoting Advocacy – The New Frontier

Advocacy is integral to the success or failure of all organizations. More than 90% of all consumers report that a Word of Mouth recommendation is the leading influence on ...Continue Reading

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Design (Please note: Change of Program)

There is a last minute change to the LA2M program. Our planned speaker, Matthew Growney will be rescheduled for 2012.  Today, one of LA2M’s founding members, Ross Johnson, will be leading ...Continue Reading

Relationship Marketing – Owning Spot 1 in Their Mental Rolodex

We all know how important it is to show up on page 1 on Google. But did you know that most everyone “searches” the same spot before they even log on ...Continue Reading

The Power of Music …in life, love, and branding

Remember the first time you heard The Beatles? Joni Mitchell? David Bowie? Michael Jackson? (Or maybe insert the name of your favorite band here.) Go there.  Where are you? Most ...Continue Reading

The Blurring of Online and Offline Worlds

A blurring of worlds is occurring.  Online data is appearing in offline objects.  From nightstands that tweet, evening dresses that react to the weather, to billboards that use Foursquare check-ins ...Continue Reading