2012 – The Year Mobile Changed the World

When is it time to take mobile seriously?  That was last year! It’s 2012 and mobile has already officially arrived.  The impact is being felt across all areas of business, online and off.  Given all of its capabilities and its far reach into every facet of our lives, mobile could very easily become the most pervasive marketing channel we have ever seen. 

Hi-tech GPS-enabled devices brought the web right into the local store, new types of mobile devices of all shapes and capabilities have opened up new ways for businesses to interact with their customers, and we saw mobile become a significant force in eCommerce.
Keith Bourne will discuss the key changes in 2011 that are the beginning of major change for the future and what new opportunities mobile is creating for most areas of business.  Keith is a co-founder of Mobile Monday Michigan and has worked on several mobile marketing and app development projects in the local area.