The Power of Music …in life, love, and branding

Remember the first time you heard The Beatles? Joni Mitchell? David Bowie? Michael Jackson? (Or maybe insert the name of your favorite band here.) Go there.  Where are you? Most people have a band or a song that takes them somewhere else.  It can work the other way too, go to a favorite moment in your life.  Can you hear it?

Music is woven into our memories, day-to-day thoughts and dreams. When someone spots your brand or your client’s brand, what will they hear? How should you use this all-mighty tool? We’ll discuss brands that have succeeded at this task and how your brand can become one of them.

Amanda has worked in radio, audio production, video production management, event planning and on both the creative side and account side of advertising.

Currently she works as a Music Supervisor at Harvest Creative Services (formerly Harvest Music + Sound Design) in Lansing MI.  As Music Supervisor she selects and licenses songs for an array of clients for use in commercial, TV, film, ad campaigns and more.

Amanda is committed to staying involved in the Detroit community.  Last August she teamed-up with the Friends of Belle Isle to create an outdoor music festival on the island.