Mobile Apps From Idea to App Store – A Marketer’s Perspective


Transform your business by harnessing mobile technology.  Offering a creative, functional mobile application will differentiate you from your competition–it’s a powerful marketing tool that doubles as a useful tool your customers will appreciate. This new technology is an investment, not an expenditure; one that provides an easy way to attract and retain clients.
Angela Kujava will address important questions that must be asked when considering a mobile app, as well as what the process will look and feel like (and how long it will take).   The presentation concentrates mainly on iPhone and iPad considering Apple’s submission process is the most stringent, however we will also briefly cover Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.
Angela will be bringing a marketing perspective to a topic last covered nearly a year ago.  So join us for new insight on Apps development from a marketer’s viewpoint. This is going to be great.  
Angela Kujava is the Director of Marketing for Logic Solutions, Inc., an Ann Arbor-headquartered technology solutions firm that provides mobile app development, and custom web applications for businesses across the United States.   A writer by nature and profession, she battles “tech stodginess" by unleashing creativity and wit in the company’s sales materials, blog, newsletters, and Twitter feed.  Angela also serves as marketing consultant and content writer for several client projects.
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