Understanding the Customer’s Emotional Context to Get to Winning Strategies

“I have this product, that has these qualities, that these people will want to buy" is a position many marketers take when positioning their companies, their brands and their products. However, it’s far better to understand the emotional context by which people come to your market and win within that emotional structure.

Take a look at the most successful and long lasting brands and you’ll see at their root is a single consumer insight that drives all else in their marketing. George Lois used to call it “The Word", and we believe that; “It all starts with The Word".

This presentation will explain the process that is required to search for, un- cover and apply The Word to your brand. This human insight is far more than a big marketing idea or a campaign slogan. It most successfully forms the basis for the majority of the critical elements of every successful company. The Word, drives corporate strategy, product development, manufacturing, marketing, training, incentives, hiring and beyond.

Scott Thornton has conducted over 20 worldwide studies with some big brands and the outcomes have placed and kept these brands in their preeminent positions for years.

As the Managing Partner, TMV Group, Birmingham, MI, Scott is a celebrated marketing, advertising and communications executive with diverse experience in private and public companies. A highly creative brand leader, with numerous domestic and international accomplishments in corporate positioning, new company, new brand and new product launching, as well as brand strategy and management.

After leading four of the top ad agencies where he directed the positioning and implementation efforts for some of the world’s most successful and profitable brands, Scott started TMV Group in 2004. The successful and rapidly growing firm manages brands and products for global, regional and local companies in the healthcare, banking, automotive, beer, education, soft drinks and legal fields. TMV group also manages a full portfolio of brands in the direct-to-consumer e-Commerce space.

Scott is a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds a BA in Mass Communications and Political Science. Scott sits on the board of The Wayne State University Physicians Group, the Marketing Committee of Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum and has held various board appointments for The American Red Cross and The Boy Scouts of America.