The New Face of Opportunity: Selling in a Changed World

The scope and magnitude of demographic change sweeping the world is unprecedented in modern times.   These changes will have profound long term effects, but for marketers operating today, the future is already here.   Retiring Baby Boomers, shrinking families, and rapidly growing multi-cultural populations have already changed the face of the American consumer and the marketplace in which manufacturers and retailers work to sell products.  The New Face of Opportunity describes the implications of change for marketers and provides a roadmap for the United States of today and tomorrow.


Doug recently retired from a 33 year career in marketing research focused on consumer segmentation / targeting and consumer trends across many industries.  For the past ten years he has written and spoken extensively about the impact of consumer change, particularly demographic change, on the U.S. and global marketplace both today and in the future.  Doug has spoken nearly 30 times last year at conferences and client meetings.