The Influence of Color: Using Color to Inspire Consumers

Everything from fashion to technology to food affects the colors in our world. These colors change both in giant leaps and in small steps, often through seemingly invisible and mysterious forces. 

Ann Hanson, Managing Director at brannds in Ann Arbor and fifteen-year color forecast leader with Color Marketing Group, takes the mystery out of shifting color palettes. Ann presents case studies from various industries to validate the relevance of introducing new colors. At its best color elevates sales with heightened consumer attention and interest, and can be quantified as a key component driving at-shelf purchase decisions.

Ann will also reveal key 2015 colors we will see this year throughout products and communications and preview 2016 color forecasts along with key trends driving the marketplace. These trends are told through tangible stories grounded in real world events and evolving consumer attitudes and focus.

Ann Hanson has defined herself as an Innovation Trailblazer, leveraging top global brands to connect with consumers and drive sales. Ann created her consulting practice brannds to bring bold ideas and smart strategies to consumer marketing and product development. For the latest on consumer trends insights follow @annyhanny on Twitter.

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