Navigating Business Reputation Management

Regardless of a company’s size, its reputation is incredibly important because it influences numerous decisions. Reputation impacts consumer decisions to purchase goods and services, investor decisions to invest, and job seeker decisions to explore employment opportunities with a particular company.

Today, business reputations are more at risk than ever, especially with social media’s impact on the rate at which information is shared. In the past, companies were primarily concerned with what the media reported about them, and smaller companies often flew under the radar of major media outlet reporting. But now, everyone -including customers, competitors and bloggers — has a platform for sharing opinions about companies of all sizes whether the information is grounded in truth or not.  
While the proliferation of digital communications has brought about greater reputational risks, it has also created opportunities to connect in new ways with stakeholders. But companies must first understand reputation management as a required core competency as well as a key success factor to effectively nurture and maintain it over time.
Ms. Rankin will discuss business reputation, its importance and its impact. She will also discuss the reputation ecosystem and how reputational risks are different based on the type of stakeholder. Participants will come away with greater insight into business reputation management, how culture plays a part, and the infrastructure that is required to positively influence the way companies are perceived over time.
With over 25 years of executive level business experience, Ms. Rankin has held positions that have included tenures as corporate vice president of public sector marketing and sales for a Fortune 200 corporation; as managing partner of a privately-held regional management consulting firm specializing in high impact growth strategies; as chief operating officer for a national high-tech firm offering clients online marketing technology; and currently as CEO of Martopia/MPRG, a growth catalyst firm that employs marketing and public relations strategies to help clients meet their growth goals and manage their corporate reputation.
Ms. Rankin has a Masters of Science in Management from Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University; a Masters of Business Administration from TIAS, Tilburg University, the Netherlands; and a Certificate of Completion in International Studies from Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Budapest, Hungary. She has also completed the prestigious Reputation Institute’s reputation management certification program and has worked as a strategic advisor to Fortune 1000 corporations to protect and enhance reputational equity.