Measuring the Success of Online Communities

Social media communities have become the hottest marketing tool of the decade, but how can you tell if they are working?  What are the ways to measure them?  Are current marketing methods really the best way to measure a community?  Learn how to start a successful community for under $100, and measure its success.  Learn how to determine what day a customer changes her mind and to find out the barriers that keep her from conversion.

Dave Linabury is the Director of the Social Media Group, a discipline that focuses on monitoring, capturing and trending the conversations and buzz in social media.  He has 14 years of digital experience including information architecture, web development and usability testing.  In addition, he has repeatedly been interviewed by Wired Magazine for commentary on the blogosphere.  He runs a popular blog called, which garnered a Webby in 2005.  Dave has worked with companies as diverse as Disney, Frog Design, IDEO, Los Alamos Nuclear Labs and GM Human Factors Lab.