Making the Ask: Referrals and More

Networking is all about developing a long-term resource for professional and personal success.  The problem is, most people don’t know how to call on that resource effectively and appropriately.  In fact, they often fear (and rightly so) that if they do it wrong, they may destroy all the work they put in to building those connections in the first place.


This talk covers:

– How to specify what you want for the best results.
– Who to ask and how to match your need with their desire to help.
– What to say when you get the opportunity to ask.


You’ve gone to the events. You’ve followed up with coffees and lunches. You’ve shown yourself to be a supporter, adviser, and confidant to everyone around you. Give your network a chance now, to be there for you.


Greg Peters started out as a nerd. Through study, trial, and a lot of error, transformed himself into a networking professional. Peters now trains others in the same skills that took him to success in his business.