Information Architecture and Web Design

Chris Farnum will lead a discussion about Information Architecture – what is it, why it’s important to marketers, and how it contributes to the process of creating great user experiences.  He’ll introduce the fundamental concepts including site organization, labels, taxonomies, and navigation.  He will also discuss the role IA plays in projects.

Chris has been doing IA for 11+ years and (re)joined the user experience team at ProQuest in September 2009.  Formerly, Chris was a Senior Information Architect at Enlighten, where he collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to create meaningful user experiences for Fortune 500 brand sites.  Chris got his start as an IA at Argus Associates, a pioneering firm based in Ann Arbor that helped to define the discipline of information architecture.  He was also once a reference librarian in a public library.  Throughout his career Chris has worked to incorporate user centered techniques into the design process, including card sorting and prototyping.

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