Generating Better Leads Over the Web

Many businesses get a considerable portion of their leads from the web.  Yet, what draws visitors to a business web site and how these visitors then decide to become customers is often a mystery.


In this talk, Bud will offer some simple frameworks and analysis techniques that can help business owners and marketers understand and improve their web lead generation process.


Bud Gibson created the search marketing program at Eastern Michigan University.  He and his students have helped over 100 small and medium organizations develop effective online advertising campaigns.  Graduates of this program work in well known advertising firms and businesses such as Apple, Doner, and Pure Visibility.


Prior to joining Eastern Michigan, Bud was a professor at University of Michigan’s Ross School.  He also has extensive professional experience at Deloitte Consulting, Arthur D. Little, and Catholic Relief Service.  He has a Phd from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from the Wharton School, and a BS from Georgetown University.  Bud speaks French and Arabic. His career spans North America, Europe, and Asia.