Curate for Your Customers: How to Market Expertise On the Cheap

Content Marketing; it’s been championed as “the new SEO” and it’s one of the most effective ways to be driving traffic and increasing customer engagement in 2015.  The only downside?  Creating and distributing original content takes a lot of time, research, and money that a lot of us don’t have to spare.

This presentation will talk about how to supplement your original content strategy by being a curator of knowledge for your customers.

Jordan’s passion is solving ‘big data’ problems through systems that combine the efficiency of computer automation with the high quality of human decision making.  He previously designed and developed a complete expert system package that took regulations from the 2010 Affordable Care Act and helped a state and one of the largest healthcare insurance companies to be the first paid under the $5 billion, Early Retiree Reinsurance Program.

In 2012 he leveraged his big data experience and built backstitch; a platform for automatically curating content online around specific interests, people, and topics.  With it’s easy-to-use “Topic Builder” anyone can use backstitch to design their own algorithm to crawl, index and filter the web.