Covering Live Events with Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool to cover live events – pre, post and during the event.  Establishing hashtags, recrutiing influencers, using rich media and blending the online and physical worlds are just a few tactics to help give your events the biggest social spike possible.


At this event, you will learn ways to improve how you plan, promote and curate on-site or off-site live events using social media.  Learn what strategies, platforms and tactics to engage to fit your level of need and resources – before, during and after live events.


Richard Retyi has more than nine years of public relations and social media experience working with brands like Chevrolet and the University of Michigan.  He served as an assistant director for athletic media relations at the University of Michigan for seven years, building the athletic department’s social media infrastructure from scratch, before joining his agency, Big Fuel, to help run Chevrolet’s social media channels.


He currently serves on the management team at Ann Arbor digital marketing agency Fluency Media as the social media director.  He’s also a freelance writer for, iSPY Magazine and Concentrate Media, a former high school teacher and a Canadian.