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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Ann Arbor region! Ann Arbor SPARK has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs every year – helping business leaders launch and grow their businesses. Amy Cell, VP Talent Enhancement & Entrepreneurial Education from SPARK, joins LA2M to share information on the many programs at SPARK and other organizations that are dedicated to helping support entrepreneurs as they launch and grow their businesses.

Amy Cell joined Ann Arbor SPARK in 2006 and is currently Vice President, Talent Enhancement & Entrepreneurial Education, where she assists organizations with their talent needs, provides oversight for a variety of entrepreneurial education programs and manages the SPARK East incubator. Helping support economic and workforce growth in the region is her dream job, since she was born and raised in Michigan and earned a BBA and MBA from U-Michigan. In addition to working as a CPA for Plante & Moran, and launching an Office of Student Life for the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, she has spent 10 years in a variety of human resources roles at Ford Motor Company, the Stanford Research Institute, Applied Biosystems and co-founded the consulting partnership HR Drivers.


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