3 Free and Easy Ways to Create Online Videos

How would you like to be able to create videos–FOR FREE–after watching a 30 minute presentation? If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading, because it sounds good AND is true!     

Video marketing is a terrific way to market a business online, but many business owners–especially small businesses–don’t understand how to make a video. Not only do they think it’s hard, but they also think that they can’t afford it; it costs a lot of money.  These scared (and possibly even broke) business owners probably can afford FREE–no money needed!


Chris Wechner of The Ultimate Analyst online marketing company, will share, AT LEAST 3 ways to create free, easy to make videos. In addition, he’ll be provide a live demonstration by creating those videos directly in front of the audience–all within the short presentation.


Here is an opportunity to learn answers to questions, like:

  • Why should we care about video marketing? (How does it benefit us?)
  • How can we create videos quickly and at no cost?
  • What are ways we can use videos to help us?


Video marketing is effective for several reasons. Many people prefer watching a video over reading an article, blog, or a press release. It keeps people on your business’ website, improving the chances of connecting with that customer. Videos tend to rank better more quickly than other standard websites.  Videos can be difficult to create and be expensive, but not all videos are. It is possible to make less sophisticated yet still effective videos without spending very much money at all, if any money.


Chris Wechner is the Director of Marketing for The Ultimate Analyst, a local online marketing company that helps service oriented companies get in front of the website traffic looking for the services they offer. Amongst other marketing services, the company offers video marketing.


Chris gives talks and demonstrations to peers and beginning marketers throughout Southeast Michigan. He takes pride in taking things that seem difficult to understand and making people realize that they are easier than they thought.  For more information about how Chris Wechner can speak at your event or how The Ultimate Analyst might be able to improve business marketing online for you or your company, call (248) 905-1290 or visit http://www.TheUltimateAnalyst.com.