Visual Storytelling: Creating a Compelling and Engaging Brand Experience

Visual Storytelling has always been a part of the human experience – from cave paintings and comic strips to training films and documentaries, visual narratives are an extremely effective way to engage participants in a virtual experience and establish a point of view that is truly unique.
Technology has given us a plethora of affordable, high-quality visual options that has leveled the playing field allowing global participation and exposure.  The sheer number and accessibility of this information has its drawbacks — creating a pool of want-to-be authors with pages of image content that is ubiquitous, uninteresting, inconsistent or perhaps counterproductive to the client’s communication and branding objectives.In this session, you will learn best practices of effective visual storytelling to supercharge your communications in a compelling and relevant way and enhance your brand identity.  

Janice Milhem has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. She began her career as a territory sales representative for Colgate-Palmolive. Her interest and talent in graphic design led her to work as a high-revenue producing sales representative for a commercial printer. Prior to starting her own business last fall, Milhem worked for two international print franchise operations.  Janice has managed brands, creative and sales teams and provided many businesses with affordable and effective processes to excel.
In her free time, Janice enjoys photo documentary and recording her travels to different parts of the world as well as neighborhood locales.