This Economy is Not For Wimps – Making Sales Happen Without Giving Away the Store

This session will examine the psychology and the following pitfalls of selling when prospects seem scarce and a little too precious:

– Giving and giving and GIVING to prospects, without reciprocal commitment
– Being “shopped" and cutting price (and margins) as the main differentiator
– Making lots of quotes or presentations but closing too few sales
– Buying into a “no one is buying" mentality
Joe Marr will share a mindset, a process and graceful methods to gain more control of sales situations to avoid giving away free consulting and chasing non-prospects while closing more sales and better serving customers.

Joe Marr runs Sandler Training – Ann Arbor in Avis Farms, and writes the Selling Smart column on Joe helps sales professionals adapt their approaches and learn the skills to take more control of sales situations, so they can get more effective at selling –and not work so hard.