Managing the Public Conversation: Comment Moderation at

Printed newspapers traditionally place a great distance between the reporter, who writes under a large headline, and a reader, who submits a letter to the editor that may not be published for space or content reasons.  Not every newspaper has made a successful transition to taking online comments, and some online media sites comment boards are full of spam and bitter invective.  Edward Vielmetti shares some lessons learned from the first six months of moderating comments on

Edward Vielmetti is Lead Blogger for  In this role he types a lot, including writing weekly Friday and Sunday columns and working with a team who moderates reader comments.  Ed is a 1988 graduate of the University of Michigan and has been working on the Internet since 1985.  This is his first job in journalism, after a series of positions in industries as diverse as securities trading, telecommunications, computer network security, academia, and online advertising.

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