Lessons Learned in Blogging: How to Build a Better Blog


Anyone who has ever thought about starting up a blog, has quickly found out how hard it can be to attract a sustainable audience. A blog can be a very time consuming endeavor but it also can be very rewarding at times.

Chris will share his story of how he built his own blog from the ground up. Having had his music blog for over 3 years now, he has seen the whole blogging world evolve and strengthen. Proven techniques to gain traffic will be shared as well as miscellaneous tips on how to create a more incising and interesting blog.

Whether you already have a blog or are looking to start one, Chris’ talk will provide you with his most helpful lessons learned and some practical tips to take your blog to the next level.

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Christopher Rizzo is the owner of a popular music blog, Rizzo Music, coordinates social media activities with local start-up company MyBandStock and works full time as a Marketing Associate for managed data center operator, Online Tech, to expand his growing knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, website design and blogging.

His blog, Rizzo Music, specializes in updating its fans on their favorite 90s artists, creating 90s themed playlists and writing about the best songs and albums from the 90s. By leveraging his knowledge of SEO and promoting viral content, Rizzo Music received over 275,000 visitors in 2009.

Check out Chris’ Music Blog: http://www.rizzomusic.com