Internships – The How’s and Why’s

Today, many companies are joining the trend in using interns as a way to achieve progress within the company. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. Do you own, or are part of a company, looking to jump into this new trend and hire interns?

Paul Jacques will answer the questions most companies have about internships. Some topics he’ll discuss include:
  • Decisions on paid, unpaid, stipend, or for-credit internships
  • Hours in a typical internship
  • Best seasons for internships, and when students are most looking
  • Graduate and International students in internships
  • Transition from internship to full-time employment
  • Top trends companies are using
Paul will also speak on how companies can connect with MSU and other universities in Michigan to gather the best pool of intern candidates.
Paul Jacques is currently serving as the Internship Developer at Michigan State University. His goal is to connect businesses to the University and MSU students. Previously, Paul was the Placement Coordinator at Career Quest and worked there for five years. He was also a Branch Manager at OnLine Employment Services. Paul received his B.S. in Advertising and PR at Grand Valley State University, then going on to obtain his Masters in Public Relations at Michigan State University.