Importance of Usability in Product Development – Pfizer, Case Study

Usability of any product, whether it is software application, a website, or technical gadget is an important consideration.  Sherry Marcy, Science and Technology Market Strategies will talk, from a business perspective, on how Pfizer improved its software tools for chemistry.  She will share important lessons about design considerations, and user testing that will be relevant for businesses managers (start-up and established), entrepreneurs and product development teams.

Sherry is a highly successful sales and marketing executive able to effectively communicate complex technical and scientific product advantages to diverse customer audiences (e.g., engineers, physicians, chemists, academicians, etc.) in order to grow sales and revenue. She is a creator of sales plans, sales forecasting, and sales processes, for new businesses and has founded a number of entrepreneurial businesses, not-for-profit enterprises, and an academic unit of Yale Medical Center.