Do you need a mobile app?

A lot of companies want mobile apps but they aren’t exactly sure why. Henry Balanon, a mobile-app guru, shares his insight about when it makes sense for a company to create mobile app and when it doesn’t. Is it better to make a mobile website or an app? Henry will talk about the process decision and show how to make a mobile app, using real-world examples of both.

Henry Balanon is the Co-Founder and Director of Mobile at Detroit Labs (funded by Detroit Venture Partners) where he creates iPhone/iPad/Android apps. Some of his recent and current brands include Stryker, Fathead, Quicken Loans, Caesars Entertainment, and Learning A-Z. Previously, Henry ran a company called < Bickbot where he produced iPhone/iPad apps as well.
Mr. Balanon continues to be a national speaker on mobile technologies (mostly iPhone/iPad. Additionally, Henry co-founded the food blog “The Hungry Dudes," a bog dedicated to sharing food one bite at a time. They’ve been featured in the Detroit Free Press and the Washington Post.