B-to-B Demand Generation

Prospective buyers take a journey from awareness, through consideration, selection, and to purchase (and repeat purchase, we hope!). Learn how you can align your marketing programs to sales to help prospects take this journey. We’ll explore how messaging and medium selection impact the process, as well as how to develop a process that works in your selling cycle.

Skilled at defining and building brands that sell, Sean has extensive experience in marketing, advertising, and sales. He also provides strategic and day-to-day guidance in all aspects of PWB operations. Sean’s joined PWB in 1994 as an Account Manager. Prior to PWB he was in sales and marketing positions at Gage Marketing and Dow Corning.

When he’s not working at PWB, you can usually find Sean outdoors – skiing, cycling, hunting, kayaking, grilling, or pursuing some other passion.
Sean holds bachelors and master’s degrees with studies in communications, English, business, photography, and broadcasting from Central Michigan University.