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By LA2M on June 26, 2012

Many businesses rely on search marketing to generate leads.  LA2M attendees found Bud Gibson’s talk on Generating Better Leads Over the Web to be highly relevant and informative. 

By LA2M on June 14, 2012


Meaghan McCann  used fishing analogies and a lot of great information to explain her “#1 Fail Safe Strategy” for generating high quality leads from Facebook to a receptive audience at LA2M
McCann founded Search Ad Marketing  in 2007. She has used Facebook and other PPC marketing successfully for many clients through
By LA2M on May 29, 2012


President Kentaro Roy and Vice President for Development David Hardcastle of Kentaro Web Design + SEO provided LA2M attendees with highly useful information in their talk, Using Web Analytics for Smarter Marketing.
Roy began their presentation with a quick overview of the shortc
By LA2M on May 21, 2012
Award winning film maker Beth Tanenhaus Winsten spoke to a spellbound audience about her evolving career in visual media and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.
By LA2M on May 18, 2012


Leslie McGraw, CEO of Les Go, gave a fun and interesting presentation on Building an Online Community Using Twitter.  McGraw works as a journalist and marketer with a variety of different groups.  “Social media allows me to communicate with all these different groups,” she said.
To build a community it’s valuable to think about the differe
By LA2M on May 10, 2012


Video games have come a long way and so have video game consoles.  Consoles are changing the way people consume media worldwide.  “Consoles are no longer about gaming, they’re about content,” said Brad Mann, Senior Business Development Manager for XBox Advertising.  Mann explained how the console space is changing the way people consume media in his talk “War for the Living Room,” at LA2M.
Based on the XBox system Mann said, “Entertainment has now surpassed gaming, but gaming hasn’t gone do
By LA2M on May 7, 2012


It seems like everyone to one degree or another is involved with event planning.  Whether it’s through work or volunteering, event involvement is part of the picture.  Promoting an event is essential to successful results, no matter how that’s quantified.  Social media has become a cornerstone of event promotion.  It’s a vital tool in the promotional toolbox. 
Richard Retyi, Social Media Director at
By LA2M on April 27, 2012


Derek Mehraban, LA2M founder, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing, author and instructor at Michigan State University did exactly what any great teacher would do. He gave just enough information to educate and tantalize the LA2M audience on April 18th. Mehraban chose 10 Digital Resources to Impact Business Success from his handy book, New Media Driver’s License Resource Guide.
Mehraban has taught d
By LA2M on April 20, 2012

Mobile apps are a very hot marketing topic right now.  With the sale of Instagram for $1 billion, who wouldn’t want to know more!  Founder and CEO of VizNetwork  and VizChef, Tom Crawford  is a communication, app development and cooking expert.  Crawford was the right person to break down the mobile apps marketplace by category and function.


By LA2M on April 13, 2012


Greg Peters, of The Reluctant Networker, is a self identified nerd, a computer programmer with a degree in mathematics and a sci fi aficionado.  He told the LA2M audience he understands what it’s like to feel awkward in networking situations.
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