The Rise of Native Advertising

Presentation The Rise of Native Advertising
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 11:45am - 1:00pm
Location: Conor O'Neills
Conor O'Neills, 318 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI
318 South Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI

In 2005, the IZEA team had a vision that one day, every consumer would have the opportunity to create social content online - unleashing the opportunity for brands to hire them as de-facto "spokespeople." Flash-forward to present and this once-disruptive idea has become a part of today's mainstream marketing mix. Whether it's bloggers, tweeters, pinners, or YouTubers, leveraging a passionate network of influencers is a must for every brand.
During his speech, Ryan will provide specific research findings based on data from over 10,000 brand marketers and influencers. Attendees will come away from the lunch with a free copy of the 2013 State of Sponsored Influence study along with critical data that they can immediately apply to their strategic plans for CY14.

Check out LA2M on November 13th to hear more about what Ryan has to say!




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