Lean Marketing – how to maximize marketing value with limited resources

Shamir Ozery will review marketing methodologies that help companies and marketers: Eliminate uncertainty Work smarter, not harder Develop Minimum Viable Campaigns Create validated learning cycles (build-measure-learn) Shamir will also talk ...Continue Reading

Mobile: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet…

And You Probably Won’t. (Its embedded in everything else!) You know those mobile operating systems people are always talking about, iOS and Android?  You probably know one or the other ...Continue Reading

5 things every tech startup needs to know

Startup advice from a pro, right here in Ann Arbor. Satish Malnaik is co-founder of Fantelope, the world’s ultimate fan competition and engagement platform. He is a Michigan MBA Grad. ...Continue Reading

Micro Moments

Mobile has forever changed the way we live, and it’s forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one ...Continue Reading

The six fundamentals of effective design

What makes a website successful? Is it messaging? Usability? Look and feel? There are actually six core facets of successful design. When a site is crafted around those facets it ...Continue Reading

Measuring Your Success in Digital

Join Bud Gibson, Director, Center for Digital Engagement, Eastern Michigan University, Professor, Computer Information Systems for his talk titled: Measuring Your Success in Digital Talk Description: The digital landscape has ...Continue Reading