Twitter for Business

Twitter is like an online cocktail party – a mishmash of chatter about work, life and the news of the day with folks you know and folks you need to meet.  It’s ...Continue Reading

Measuring the Success of Online Communities

Social media communities have become the hottest marketing tool of the decade, but how can you tell if they are working?  What are the ways to measure them?  Are current ...Continue Reading

Google AdWords – Optimizing Your AdWords Campaign

Meaghan McCann of Search Ad Marketing leads today’s discussion. Google AdWords, when not properly optimized, will dry up your budget and leave you cold!  Learn trade secrets of simple tweaks ...Continue Reading

Web Site Strategy

So you have a website and a web presence… now what?  It may surprise you to hear that 80% of company websites are ineffective at achieving business goals and objectives.  ...Continue Reading

Podcasting and VideoCasting – How it Works

Podcasts, Screencast, Vodcast: Take advantage of the growing demand for media to better serve your users and drive more traffic to your site.  Make yourself a resource for ...Continue Reading

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers as much functionality and flexibility as other high-priced analytics packages. Learn how to take full advantage of the tracking, segmentation, conversion tracking and custom reporting ...Continue Reading

Information Architecture and Web Design

Chris Farnum will lead a discussion about Information Architecture – what is it, why it’s important to marketers, and how it contributes to the process of creating great ...Continue Reading

How Marketing a Service is Different to Marketing a Product

The role that services play in the economy and in individual businesses is increasing in importance – today’s pressures are forcing organizations to find competitive differentiation and new ...Continue Reading

Trade Show Marketing

In spite of our difficult economic times, exhibiting in trade shows continues to be a valuable activity for many firms. Trade Shows offer opportunities to generate leads, increase ...Continue Reading