Zingerman’s Customer Service (most important ‘Recipes’)- Brad Hedeman

Great customer service isn’t just an aspect of the Zingerman’s experience, it’s one of our three bottom lines along with great food and great finance. We believe we won’t be successful if we fall short in any of those areas, but Customer Service is the most public facing and important to building our culture. But how do you get 700+ employees to not only give great service, but the same type of great service? What about handling custommer complaints? Brad Hedeman, a twenty-four year veteren of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses will answer those questions and a few more at the LA2M event on 2/13/2018. Brad will share Zingerman’s recipes for customer service, talk about how those recipes came about, and how Zingerman’s uses these recipes not just with customers, but with vendors and staff as well. Come, eat, listen, and learn with Brad Hedeman from Zingerman’s!