Workshop: Kill Your Newsletter: Move your email subscribers out of the inbox and onto your customer list

 As marketers, we are competing with a world of distractions: phone notifications, texts, coworkers or children interrupting us, you name it.

We have a small period of time to capture their attention and deliver content and offers that engage and convert.

So HOW are you doing it? By sending ONE email per month or week with OVER FIVE CALLS-TO-ACTION?

You put all of that effort into it and send it out into the world with mostly crickets and maybe your best friend’s mother replying back that she just loves your emails.

STOP wasting your energy on that one shot.

So what do you do instead?

That’s what we’ll be going over in this LIVE interactive workshop.

  • Why your newsletters aren’t working.
  • How you can EASILY restructure them so that it’s easier ON YOU to build and send them out.
  • What every email campaign needs to get your subscribers to TAKE ACTION.