What’s in Your Tool Kit?

What’s in Your Tool Kit?Finding out can make you better at what you doEach of us carries a personally unique tool kit. We all have one, or maybe more than one! And, we use these tool kits, all the time. Sometimes without even knowing it! Kevin Gillespie talks about his collection of tools and where he found them on his path.  His stories and the tools he’s acquired will get you thinking about what tools you already carry with you, about adding new ones to your kit and maybe finding some you’ve misplaced over time.Living in Ann Arbor, Kevin has worked with media and entertainment clients from all over the globe. He has spent the lion’s share of his career in the advertising and production world, working on award wining digital effects for print, broadcast, film and web initiatives. Kevin is a talented professional who weaves memorable life-lesson stories from personal experience. The results – eye-opening insights that can impact the way you use the tools in your personal tool kit to be better at everything you do. Look him up on LinkedIn: http://cli.gs/KevinGillespieLinkedInOn Face Book: http://cli.gs/KevinGillespieFaceBook Or, email him at KevinGillespie@WhatsInYourToolKit.com. To listen to the podcast click here