New Face of Public Relations

Public relations has evolved from media coverage, impressions and bylined articles to social content creation, online reputation management, customer service and even digital marketing and SEO. Find out how public relations professionals are assisting clients with consumer-generated media coverage in a direct-to-consumer world. Today’s discussion lead is Tonja Deegan.

Tonja Deegan is the digital and social media director in the Client Solutions Group at Airfoil Public Relations, where she manages digital and social media strategies for a number of prestigious clients. She has more than 12 years of experience as a journalist and more than five years in digital public relations.

She writes and manages the Airfoil blog and the SEO strategy for the agency guiding colleagues and clients alike in social media netiquette and guidance in emerging social networking platforms. Tonja also write bylines, case studies, Web site content, press releases and online communications for clients. Tonja has won several innovation awards in the public relations industry. Her work also helped Airfoil to earn the Hermes Gold Award for viral marketing. Get connected to Tonja:
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