Digital eCommerce for Beginners – Kyle Maurer

It is titled “Digital eCommerce for Beginners” and covers the basics of what digital eCommerce is, how it works, and why it is exciting. I believe most organizations can benefit from creating digital products, even if they are freely distributed, and I enjoy sharing this perspective.

It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur online today. There are so many incredible opportunities and new ways to start and grow a business. One of my favorites is through the distribution of digital goods. Goods like photography, technical documents, software, video, courses, art, services, event tickets and so much more can all be sold virtually today using WordPress and some plugins. During this presentation, we’ll go over the basics of digital eCommerce and field all kinds of common questions regarding the topic.

Mobile marketing and online store concept flat icons. Full circle of online-shopping with mail menu of wide range products, product research, basket, pay per click, call center, delivery.