Best of Michigan TedX

TED is an annual event that was designed to promote and spark conversations and ideas that are worth spreading. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and are three things that help foster, inspire, educate and connect people in communities and organizations across the world. Going beyond TED’s mission, TEDx are locally, self-organized events that have been created in order to give smaller communities the opportunity to bring together some of the their most innovative minds, allowing them to be able to share a TED-like experience.


We will be bringing you video highlights of past event favorites from the local TEDx events in the area so be sure to check back to see who the presenters will be as well as the topics they will be speaking about. It is our hope that through a combination of TEDTalks videos and live speakers, you will get a glimpse into local innovators, designers, professors, forward-thinkers and entrepreneurs whose passion and curiosity have helped spark a global movement.


This event will be hosted by LA2M’s Treasurer, Stacy Collick, Dollar Bill Copying