A Really, Really Old-School Prospecting Method That Works Really, Really Well

It’s said that “90 percent of success is showing up."  This program will explore how you can use direct mail (gasp!) combined with telemarketing (horrors!) to “show up" and get the relationship-building and sales-generating conversations going with your best prospects. Three case studies will describe (1) good results, (2) phenomenal results, and (3) disappointing, but still useful results that area companies have achieved using this decidedly unhip, though highly effective prospecting method.

Chris Kochmanski strongly relates to his clients’ marketing challenges because he closely mirrors the backgrounds of many of the people he now serves. Before joining DesignHub as a co-owner and partner in 2002, Chris worked for nearly 25 years in marketing communications and marketing management for Mechanical Dynamics, Interface Systems, Cleo Communications, and ADP Network Services.

DesignHub is a creative services and marketing firm based in Saline. Chris and his DesignHub partners especially focus on meeting the marketing needs of small to medium-size organizations. 

Learn more about Chris and Design Hub: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/700/768, www.design-hub.com

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Link to Chris’s slideck: http://www.slideshare.net/la2m/old-school-marketing-that-works-chris-kochmanski-july-22-09