Tom Meloche

Tom’s passions include Advertising, Innovation, and Ceremony.

He co-founded Menlo Innovations with Bob, James and Rich, wrote Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Perry Marshall (now in its second edition), consults for The Understanding Group, and runs Meloche Consulting Inc.

“Agility and innovation are my hobbies. I believe we should approach everything with the idea it can be improved by at least 99%… we just need to figure out how.”

Tom has worked as an Agile Executive Coach at many of the world’s largest firms, and has overseen the delivery of over a billion dollars of agile software projects.

His upcoming book Ceremony conveys secrets to dramatically improving focus and productivity. “These secrets have been in plain sight for over 3,000 years,” Tom says. “Yet almost nobody can clearly articulate what they are or why you should care. I plan to change that.”